Workshop "Count your Body"

Theater, music and dance workshop intended for women in which equality and social inclusion are worked on. 

An experience of meeting, of collective creation and expression with the construction of a dialogue, to break down the barriers of prejudice. To build a common time where the closeness of gazes and bodies can be felt: what is silent, what is spoken, what is danced, and what is sung. What can a body carry inside? What memories, stories and dreams?

Taught by: Alicia Soto, director and choreographer of the Alicia Soto-Hojarasca Company, and dancers from the company itself.

Aimed at women over 16 years of age, with special attention to migrant women.



The objective of this workshop is to work with Moroccan women and with women from the populations of the commonwealth of the lands of Medina, entering into collaboration for its development, coordination and planning with the social agents of the Social Action Centers (CEAS).

The Alicia Soto-Hojarasca company considers that working with women in rural areas is of great importance in order to be supported in reconciliation, to fight for their rights to freedom and equality. It is important to support their role inside and outside the house, to maintain the family and traditional concept from a modern vision, according to current times.

Inclusion will be worked with the group of women, both Spanish and Moroccan and other groups of emigrants, through traditions and cultural diversity.

It is important that women become aware of these principles because they are transmitters and educators of children who will be the future of Spanish society.


This workshop is an opportunity to share feminine wisdom, made from experience and intuition. A creation of women, directed for all and inviting to an artistic and transforming meeting of cultures.

Count your body:

The stories that live in you. Some of yours and others that got into or that you welcomed into your body.
Stories from the past, today, tomorrow. Stories real, dreamed, or imagined.
What you are
what you were
What you would like or would have liked to be.

Cuenta tu cuerpo is to celebrate life, it is to give the opportunity to other bodies to be able to sing what you sang and sing.
It is discovering and taking care of your inner garden, made of meat and dreams. It is sharing and reflecting on your feminine condition with other women.
Tell your body is learning to listen better, giving yourself time, space and voice.

"Behind the fabrics, the doors, the customs, there is always a body that breathes."


This workshop has been carried out in Casablanca (Morocco) and different towns in Valladolid.


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Workshop "Count your body" in Serrada, Valladolid

Workshop "Count your body" in Matapozuelos, Valladolid

Workshop "Count your body" in La Seca

Workshop "Count your body" in Viana de Cega, Valladolid

Workshop "Count your body" in Nava del Rey


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