POETICS OF CREATION IN DANCE Presentation on Nov. 16. Scenic Training Center of Andalusia in Seville.

The Academy of Performing Arts of Spain will present on November 16, in collaboration with the Center for Performing Arts Training of Andalusia, the book POETICS OF CREATION IN DANCE. Alicia Soto, as Delegate of the dance specialty at the AAEE and responsible for the development of the book, will be in charge of the act together with the academics Marta Carrasco and Manuela Nogales. The event will take place in the Church of Santa Lucía (Plaza de Santa Lucía s/n, Seville) at 8:30 p.m. links

POETICS OF CREATION IN DANCE has the participation of fifty-three choreographers who reveal their most intimate reflections when setting up a creation: The tools at their disposal, their concern for the public, the desire to communicate, to reach the mind and heart of the audience.

An essential book to understand and learn the wealth and creative dance diversity of our country from the story of the members of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain.

The edition of the book is directly connected to the Dance Dialogues activity that she develops from the dance specialty that Alicia Soto directs.

For the realization of the book, a commission of academics was created, made up of Carmen Giménez Morte, Margarita Muñoz, Jessica Martín, Ricardo Gasset, Adolfo Simón and Alicia Soto to carry out the hard work of collecting texts and photos.