5×5 After 19



According to 4 international dance companies.

5 x 5 after the 19th is an international project that has the participation of four dance companies from Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium, and the Moroccan director and actor Abdellah Chakiri. A digital object that collects the testimony of the artists, showing the creative process and the final work that they were developing before, during and after Covid-19 from different perspectives of their productions.


The piece shows the rehearsals of a creative process, the impact that the pandemic has on their creations and the final work presented.

The project arises thanks to the artistic collaboration between Abdellah Chakiri and the stage director and choreographer Alicia Soto, who have already worked together on other projects.


K-danse. Director: Jean Marc Matos. France
Public opinion. Director: Etienne Béchard. Belgium
Visual Dance. Directors: Leonardo Beltrán and Patricia Marín. Mexico
Alicia Soto-Hojarasca. Director: Alicia Soto. Spain



artistic sheet

Artistic direction: Alicia Soto and Abdellah Chakiri

Editing: Lyounsi Mohammed

Production Director: Rachida Saadi

Commentator: Abdellah Chakiri

Subtitles: Carmen Samudio Costina and Ester Lozano Torné

Editing studio: Compañía Médina Production D'audiovisuel

Assembly assistant: Anas Janane

Comment text: Azdine Hachimi Idrissi

Music: Abdellah M. Hassak

Production: Co. Alicia Soto-Leaf Litter

Subsidized by AECID/Ventana.


Contact for promotion, dissemination and distribution

Cía Alicia Soto-Hojarasca




first action

Online meeting of the five artistic directors through the Zoom tool. A meeting was held with the directors of the companies, through the zoom platform, which was recorded where each one presented their projects. This meeting made it possible to share, discuss and expose the experiences lived as a result of the presence of Covid-19 in our society, addressing the following issues: Adaptation, actions carried out, continuity of work and protocols followed.

second action

Record of the recording of rehearsals of the creation process. Each company carried out a video recording of the daily work with statements from different participants in the processes.

third action

Treatment of recorded material and translation. Reception of the material, viewing and assembly. Video locution. Translation and subtitles into Spanish and French.


Alice Soto

Stage director, choreographer and Spanish dancer, her shows have been co-produced by important Festivals and Theaters: Calderón Theater, Valladolid, IDN Festival, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Salamanca International Festival and Siglo Foundation, TAC International Street Theater Festival , Valladolid, Fitcarrer International Festival, Lava, Valladolid arts laboratory.

2014. Researcher at the Office of Culture Studies in Performative and Audiovisual Arts at the University of Lisbon.
2014. Estación Norte Best Show Award, International Festival of Theater and Street Arts, Tac.
2016. Dance delegate. Academy of Performing Arts.
2017. President of the Communities Jury for the Max Awards, SGAE Foundation.


Abdellah Chakiri

Actor, director and teacher of cinema and theater born in Casablanca.

2018-2020. co-founder responsible for cultural activities and professor at the National School of Arts and Design (ENSAD-Hassan II University)

2015-2017. Theater teacher at LSH-Mohamedia Faculty. Founder and president of the Nouvelle Vison association Director of the Lahraouiyine Youth Training and Integration Center dependent on the Mohamed V Foundation

2011-2014. Theater professor at the Faculty of Law, Economic and Social of Ain Sebaa and Director of the International Festival of Theater and Visual Arts organized by FSJES AS

1998-2006. Artistic Director of the Casablanca University International Theater Festival organized by the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences by Ben M'Sik.



Director: Jean Marc Matos. France. Rehearsals and creation of the show *Magh

Dance and robotics: 3 women + 1 semi-autonomous animated machine.

Piece created by choreographer Jean-Marc Matos, in collaboration with robotics specialist Thomas Peyruse that questions our relationship as a human body versus a machine capable of consuming energy to move (like) an eternal animal. The piece aims to explore new poetry about this dystopian relationship between humans and machines.


public opinion

Director: Etienne Béchard. Belgium.

Trial and research processes.

The movement is investigated in relation to the situation created from the pandemic in which direct physical contact and social contact have been lost, taking as inspiration for the creation the fear of others, the fear of saying hello or kissing each other. . Through movement we reflect on this situation that can be ridiculous and that entails chaos in relationships and life as we knew it.


visual dance

Directors: Leonardo Beltrán and Patricia Marín. Mexico.

Rehearsals and creation of the show

Contemporary choreographic piece that seeks to promote equity to achieve freedom. The original idea and choreography are by Patricia Marín who emphasizes that "it is not about being a woman in a world of men, but about wanting to find a voice that promotes understanding the situation and fosters equity to achieve freedom." The novel A room of your own by Virginia Woolf serves as an inspiration and engine for creation.


Alicia Soto-Hojarasca Company

Director: Alicia Soto-Hojarasca. Spain.

Rehearsals and creation of the show

A Spanish-Moroccan project that has been developed through an exhaustive research process and through various workshops held with Moroccan and Spanish women in Casablanca and Valladolid and that has finally taken shape with the creation of this dance-theater piece.

A show that is a song to women, on a round trip between cultures and their peculiarities.

upcoming features

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