My way but who is Santiago

Dance-multimedia performance where video creations, photography, natural and electronic sounds, music, texts and choreography merge. Created in the LAV and premiered at the Valladolid International Street Arts Festival, TAC May 2010.



In this performance, Alicia Soto makes us reflect on two philosophical thoughts: "Cogito Ergo Sum" (I think therefore I am) by Descartes, thus begins the work. But the artist proposes to us that we really are and exist because we build and create our life by walking… walking.

The confinement in the sand is the metaphor of the human being, of reconnecting with our self, our ego, with our body, our animal and more primitive instinct. The sand is that stealthy element that is almost imperceptible, but powerful, the obstacle that makes us fall and get up to continue forward.

No matter how much technology, modern cities and great advances human intelligence develops, humans continue to be solitary "animals" in search of our lives. "Ambulo Ergo Sum" (Camino Then I Exist) by Gassendi, thus closes the work.

Accompanied by video images of the work of photographer Ángel Marcos, landscapes and nature, and soundtracked by an excellent musical composition by artists Yoko-Lennon.

Walking is the metaphor of the Dream of escaping from emotional confinement, it is the metaphor of the beginning of life.


artistic sheet

Artistic Direction and Choreography: Alicia Soto

Artistic video creation: Alicia Soto

Video montage: Rafael Rossi

Video photographs: Work by Ángel Marcos, “Reapers in Tierra de Campos”, “Landscapes”, “Ulreia e Suseia”, “La Chute”, “Rastros/Hints”

Music and sound composition: Yoko-Lennon

Texts: Alicia Soto and Raquel Rodríguez

Technical direction: Agustín Bastard

Wardrobe: Co. Alicia Soto-Leaf Litter

Promotional video: Phoenicia

Photography Dossier: Julio Robles and Luis Antonio Barajas

Graphic design: Carlos Castaño and David Garnacho

Lighting technician: Agustín Bastard

Multimedia technician: Agustín Bastard

Dancer: Alicia Soto

Production: Bruno Rossi

Distribution–Communication: Carolina Saiz, Eloisa Manjón

Administration: Mª Carmen González

















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My Way, but who is Santiago (My Way, but who is Santiago) - promo trailer


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